DIY Montessori Octahedron Mobile

I stumbled across the Montessori model of childhood education during my pregnancy.  The focus on supporting the child's learning and development by meeting him where he's at, at a given stage really appealed to me. The earliest of Montessori practices used in the life of a child is the use of mobiles.  There are different... Continue Reading →

Thyme-Crusted Lamb Chops

When you are following the autoimmune protocol, there aren't many restaurant options available to you.  Sashimi at a sushi restaurant is the only one I can think of. That gets boring (and expensive) very fast! My birthday came and went a few weeks ago, and I wanted something decadent and mouth-watering.  Scott agreed to cook... Continue Reading →

Why I Chose to Cloth Diaper

If I'd asked myself ten years ago if I would have ever considered cloth diapering, you would have gotten a pretty accurate rendition of the Sheldon Cooper facial expression suggesting you'd gone mad.  I didn't even have a babysitting career to speak of because I was not into the whole diaper changing thing.  Never mind... Continue Reading →

Greek Shrimp Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

Before I went AIP, I always ate my salads and fresh veggies with a healthy helping of creamy dressing, usually ranch. Unless, of course, it was a (nightshade-rich) Greek salad. Once I started following the autoimmune protocol, I couldn't have either. With this salad, I can have both!  And it's fast and easy!  And delicious!... Continue Reading →

Faks on Yaks

When my favourite bison producer closed up shop and discontinued retail sales, I was stymied. Since beef is not an option for me (and is not for many others, too), where was I to get my red meat fix?! The bison retailer that replaced them at the farmers' market had much higher prices, and I... Continue Reading →


The apple of my eye and the girl who stole my heart from the moment I met her (and even before)... Little Miss Jones!    She joined us on this side of the womb at the end of February in speedy and dramatic fashion complete with ambulance trip (don't worry, neither of us were in... Continue Reading →

Hot Coco

Fall is once again upon us, and, with (Canadian) Thanksgiving in our rearview, the Christmas decorations are not so slowly starting to make their presence known. Last holiday season, I was still so new to AIP that the idea of creating things like cookies and drinks never even crossed my mind.  I was far more focused on what... Continue Reading →

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